Train Smart in Workout Park

The Free Sport Parks and Norbert Radányi try to help with the “Train Smart with Norbert Radányi in Workout Park” video series in order to popularise the training parks’ equipments by basic exercises.



The Train Smart Workout Park video series was created by contribution of Norbert Radányi (Bartendaz Founder and Personal trainer).

Norbert Radanyi Train Smart Free Sport Parks

Norbert Radányi is the founder and personal trainer of the Hungarian Bartendaz Community: "The Bartendaz is an open, worldwide community as well as a social movement, which is built upon the basic callisthenics routines. It is available for everyone, with the right C.A.P. (Character, Attitude and Personality). Fitness level does not matter! The community’s main activity is presenting and disseminating the beneficial effects of own bodyweight exercise routine and the growth mindset.“


There are currently 18 equipment videos in the workout park series besides the Warm Up and Stretching videos:

Step by step

We freezed some frames of the trainings and marked with short subtitles the videos in order to pay attention to the steps what you can also read in the video description. (Use always the "Captions" (CC) function* by the videos):

Train Smart in Workout Park videos with subtitle

(*YouTube Help: Turn on captions on desktop, mobile, and Ipad.)

IMPORTANT, this series doesn't replace a trainer's job, as these videos provide only guidance for the basics.

If you would like to level up and improve your workouts or have questions about training or training plan (eg. about exercises, exercise order or repetition, etc) then contact Norbert Radányi Fitness trainer who organise free trainings and special workouts too:

  • norbert.radanyi(at)

(ATTENTION: Everybody is using videos and parks’ equipments and machines only on their own responsibility and safety of others)


How does work this function on the map?

All Workout Parks' data sheets has videos of warm-up and stretching. In case of i-letter-marked parks, you'll also find videos about the equipments of the park, you only have to scroll through the videos:

QR code sticker

The "Train Smart" videos are available in outdoor sport parks as QR code stickers in different colours.

"Let sports be a part of your life, be a part of your health"

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