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Explore the free social sport parks and sport courts of the 2nd District. Learn about the district's sport concept, discounts and social sport events under our "We Are a Social Sport City" program.

Social sport spaces in the 2nd District

The 2nd District public social sport parks, sport courts and its numbers are based on the map's current locations.
(The 2nd District is a Train Smart Partner: QR code guide stickers help the training in some sport parks.)

Social sportmap

Check out the 2nd District public sport locations (enlarge the circles to see all sport locations):

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Can't you find a sport location? Then submit it to us and soon it could be located on the map! You can also report malfunctions and damages of a sport park by clicking the "Report a problem" button.

District info

City: Budapest (Buda side), County: Pest, Region: Central-Hungary

Crest of the 2nd district - Free Sport Parks mapCrest of the 2nd District

In our green 2nd district, there are many opportunities to move outdoor in the nature and in the social places. These sport opportunities are constantly expanding every year. "Green Way to Sports".

2nd District's social sport view

social sport information

Social Sport Calendar

You can browse Budapest's 2nd district's social sport events in this calendar:

"Let sports be a part of your life, be a part of your health"

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