We Are a Social Sport City

Our "We Are a Social Sport City" programme's main goal is to bring people closer to regular physical activity in the cities also. We provide the cities with up-to-date information sheets about their free social sport facilities, e.g., local sport programmes, discounts or sport concept. In addition, participating cities will have access to a complex city-marketing toolkit with which they can more effectively motivate and support their residents' health by promoting their social sport spaces.



Own social sport site for cities

We provide cities, districts with an up-to-date unique online surface to make easier the popularisation of their outdoor free social sport facilities, sport programs and their sport and health visions for their residents and tourists. The “WE ARE A SOCIAL SPORT CITY” logo appears on the websites of those cities and districts of Budapest which join our city marketing supporting initiative.

Social Sport Cities data card - Free Sport Parks Map


Besides, we offer these Social SPORT CITIES interactive educational and training programs. These trainings help local fitness trainers and physical education teachers to make the outdoor social workouts to be part of city life, and thus form an exercise and health care program.



Interactive and motivational trainings with guidance for adults and children to promote regular physical activity and demonstrate the correct use of social sport spaces.


We provide downloadable posters in Hungarian and English for supporting the social sports communication in the city/District institutions (e.g. in the schools, in the offices, in health centers, etc.)

Free Sport Parks poster English version

Train Smart QR Code sticker

Connected cities can also use the "Train Smart" QR Code stickers to make easier the use of their social sport spaces.

Statistics, statements

In addition to settlement and city informations, we can produce data and statistics at county, regional and national level, which can be used well for domestic and international studies and reports in the further development of social sport spaces. Some example:


There are seven statistical regions of Hungary. Regions are groupings of the 19 counties and the capital city (see grouping below):


The regions of Hungary - Social Sport City - Free Sport Parks Map
The regions of Hungary


Regional distribution of sport locations

Percentage of sport parks in each region as currently shown on Free Sport Parks’ map (without Budapest):


23 Districts of Budapest

23 districts of Budapest are part of the Central Hungary Region and has also the country's largest population, and are therefore treated as separate territorial unit.  The locations of sport parks currently shown on the map are distributed among these districts as follows in percentages of total:


Cities in the regions

In addition to our capital city, there are 345 cities (including county seats and towns with county rights) across Hungary. The 346 cities are distributed as follows among the regions:

What is your sport?

We collect feedback on which of the most popular social sport parks and sport courts, and what more would be needed in the cities or in the districts. Help develop the social sport locations and vote for your favorite social sport parks and sport courts. You can read more about sport parks and sport courts on the site of Social Sport ParkPEDIA.



"Let sports be a part of your life, be a part of your health"

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