Browse more than 20 outdoor sports on the Free Sport Parks map from the fitness park, basketball court to the ping-pong table! On this page, you can also learn about sports and its signs and submit new sport locations or report malfunctions/damages of a sport park.


Sports are marked with different coloured circle icons on the map. Locations with circle-i are also walkable by video. You can enable and disable the sports by the next layers:

  1. Street Workout Park, Parkour Park
  2. Fitness Park, Fitness Trail
  3. Fitness Park+*
  4. Basketball, Streetball
  5. Football, Football Tennis
  6. Table Tennis, Tennis
  7. Running (here you find only rekortan tracks)
  8. Skatepark, Speed Skate, Roller Hockey
  9. Teqball, Volleyball, Badminton
  10. Chess, Petanque, Disc Golf

* There is at least one tool for pull-up.

Free Sport Parks map - menu iconClick on the menu icon at the left top corner of the map to see the list of sports.

Sports and Signs on Free Sport Parks Map
Sports and Signs on Free Sport Parks Map

Can't you find a sport location? Then submit it to us and soon it could be located on the map! You can also report malfunctions and damages of a sport park by clicking the "Report a problem" button. (For more information about the map, read our homepage.)


"Let sports be a part of your life, be a part of your health"

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