Train Smart

Find out more about the equipments of Workout Parks and about the machines of Fitness Parks and their correct use with help of professionals. With conscious trainings we can reach results easily to safe our body by avoiding injuries. Train Smart 🙂


What is "Train Smart"?

In addition to promote the use of outdoor Fitness Parks and Workout Parks, we would like to let know how to train smart with conscious trainings and reach results easily to safe our body by avoiding injuries.


Warm-up vs. Stretching

The two most important elements of training are warm-up and stretching. Both of them help to avoid sport injuries, the third factor, which is important is the proper implementation of exercises. Warm-up prepares our body and mind for move, followed by training exercises, then stretching helps our body and mind to "calm down".


Trainers help

Free Sport Parks made "TRAIN SMART" video series with help of experts, which provides a basic guide to the correct use of Fitness Parks' machines and show basic exercises for Workout Parks' equipments, including warm-up and stretching too.


Step by step

We freezed some frames of the trainings and marked with short subtitles the videos in order to pay attention to the steps what you can also read in the video description. (Use always the "Captions" (CC) function* by the videos).

Free Sport Parks Train Smart videos with subtitle

(*YouTube Help: Turn on captions on desktop, mobile, and Ipad.)

IMPORTANT, these series do not replace a trainer's job, as they always provide guidance only for basics. If you would like to level up and improve your workouts or have questions about training or training plan (eg. about exercises, exercise order or repetition, etc) then it is advised to contact qualified trainer.

(ATTENTION: Everybody is using video and parks’ equipments and machines only on their own responsibility and safety of others)


Get know the Trainers and Videos

QR code sticker

The "Train Smart" videos are available in outdoor sport parks as QR code stickers in different colours.


"Let sports be a part of your life, be a part of your health"

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