The Free Sport Parks map is a sportmap of free outdoor sports.
The map is already available in Austria.

What is Free Sport Parks Map?

  • The Free Sport Parks Map shows where and what kind of sport activities are possible near to you in Budapest and the countryside (in Hungary). The map of Austria is also available!
  • The map is created with Google My Maps so it’s platform independent and available by using any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone if you open the map’s link in a browser.


Did you know, for example, that only in Budapest you can find free sport parks and sport courts for more than 15 kinds of sports and often just a few steps from your home, work or accommodation?

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Basic features

    Browse on the map or simply choose a location from the sport’s list
     You can hide and display the sports from the sport’s list with only one click
    By clicking the magnifying glass icon simply start writing the address and choose from the appearing list or just view on the map which is the nearest place to you


Extra features

By locations marked with an i-circle, click on the "View in Google Maps" at the bottom of the data sheet and will be available the following options:

star rating function - Free Sport Parks map ADDING PHOTO AND VIDEO

add a photo or video function - Free Sport Parks map STAR RATING

review writing function - Free Sport Parks map WRITING REVIEW


Social Sport ParkPEDIA

Find out more about the outdoor free sport parks and sport courts in Hungary and their main sports' basic rules and regulations.

Train Smart

    Learn more about the equipments and the correct use of Training Parks and Fitness Parks with help of professionals. With conscious trainings we can reach results easily to safe our body by avoiding injuries.
    The "Train Smart" videos are available in outdoor sport parks as QR code stickers in different colours.

Continuous Growth

Number of Sports more than
Number of Settlements more than
Locations in Hungary more than
Locations in Budapest more than

Install as APP

    Open the copied link in your phone’s or tablet’s browser
    Add the opened map’s site to your home screen, which will be appeared as an app icon among your other apps.  HINT: you can do this step on any of our pages and it will be available in one click!  🙂

Click on “More” button to get help to Android, IOS and Windows Phone installation.

Install as APP the Free Sport Parks Map

Social Sport Site functions - Free Sport Parks map

Own Social Sport Site for Cities

"We Are a Social Sport City" programme: we provide cities, districts with an up-to-date unique online surface to make easier the popularisation of their outdoor free social sport facilities, sport programs and discounts for their residents and tourists.



Very useful! Finally we have it! I think it’s useful for everyone.”


Good idea! It helps to find other training possibilities which can make our workouts more varied.”


“I’m really happy to have a detailed list of the free sports parks, thank you for it.”


It’s a super initiative.”


“The map is amazing, it’s a pity I haven’t found it earlier. 🙂  Many thanks for doing it!”


“Very useful! Finally we have it! I think it’s useful for everyone.”



Holdudvar park in Óbuda - tartan running track - Free Sport Parks Map - blog

Holdudvar park is renewed in Óbuda

The Holdudvar Park in Óbuda (3rd district, Budapest) was completely rebuilt. Next to the new playgrounds we find here new tartan running track, table tennis […]

Fitness Park at Árpád híd Metro Station - Free Sport Parks Blog

Fitness Park at Metro Station Árpád híd

There is a new Fitness Park at Róbert Károly street 22 in front of a 10 story building only half minute walk from Árpád híd […]

New Street Workout Park in Diósd - Free Sport Parks Blog

New Street Workout Park in Diósd

We got the news again from a follower that a new 180 m2 Street Workout Park was established in Diósd (a settlement in Hungary) which […]



Sport is a part of my life and health since my childhood.  I like outdoor activities, what I do as a mountain biker regurally too. You can follow this on my Pascal RIDE channel. As a workout I have always used Street Workout Parks, Fitness Parks or Running Tracks, as well as Ping-Pong tables or Basketball courts for recreation. Nowadays there are lot more places and getting better parks, courts and tracks and even the number of sports has increased.

My aim is to have the Free Sport Parks Map as a compass to these free community spaces and to promote the love of sport and movement for youngs and elderly. So here you can read news about new parks, park renovations or just about workouts, lifestyles and curiosities.

Moreover, be part of the project and submit new locations so that they can be added to the map!

I wish you good training and endurance for your goals.

The compass is already in your hand. 🙂




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If you do not find an existing sport park or sport courts on the map, simply submit it to us via our submission form. The map is constantly updated with the submitted locations.

It is important that sport parks and sport courts be always in good condition. We cooperate with Járokelő.hu, who send the reported malfunctions to the competent offices to fix them.


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