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You can report malfunctions and damages of sport parks, sport courts or playgrounds here. Free Sport Parks co-operates with the Hungarian Járókelő.hu (, who receive reports about public space issues, send them to the competent offices and publish the answer. More than 20,000 problems have been resolved.



By filling out the form below, you will send your application directly to Their service is currently available only in Hungarian, but it doesn't matter if you write it in English. Some help for quick and efficient filling:

  • PROBLÉMA KATEGÓRIÁJA (Problem category): here, in any case, choose the category "Parkok és zöldterületek" ("Parks and green areas").
  • PROBLÉMA TÁRGYA (Problem Subject) field: Summarize in a few words, what's the problem, eg: a damaged fitness machine, a broken basketball ring, etc.
  • PROBLÉMA LEÍRÁSA (Problem description) field: here you can detail the existing problem. With detailed descriptions you will help our work and speed up the process.
  • Helyszín (Location) - TELEPÜLÉS (Settlement) - CÍM (Address): put the right address information and click on the green button "Mutasd a térképen" ("Show on the map"). The red map pin is also movable if you drag it on the map.
  • Képek (Pictures): When creating a picture, try to present the problem and its impact on the environment as clearly as possible.
  • Készítettél videót is a problémáról? (Did you make a video about the problem?): click on the "Oszd meg a linkjét velünk!" ("Share its link with us") text. Put the link in the LINK A VIDEÓRA (link of video) field. They receive  YouTube or Vimeo link.
  • BEJELENTŐ (Your data): VEZETÉKNÉV (Last Name) KERESZTNÉV (First Name) EMAIL
  • Elküldöm a bejelentést (I send it)

Where does my name appear? The name given at the time of filing will appear in website and in the dialog with the officer next to the details of your report. Although we would like if you report the problem under your name, but you have the option of not having your name listed, if you select the NE JELENJEN MEG A NEVEM (don't show my name) option. (Privacy Policy of


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