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Explore the free social sport parks and sport courts of the 13th District. Learn about the district's sport concept, discounts and social sport events under our "We Are a Social Sport City" program.

Social sport spaces in the 13th District

The 13th District's public social sport parks, sport courts and its numbers are based on the map's current locations.

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District info

City: Budapest (Pest side), County: Pest, Region: Central-Hungary

Crest of the 13th district - Free Sport Parks mapCrest of the 13th District

13th District is located in the heart of Budapest. It consists of Angyalföld, Göncz Árpád city centre, Újlipótváros, Vizafogó and the southern part of Népsziget.

13th District's social sport view

social sport information

We provide relaxation facilities at several outdoor locations in the district every day of the year. Our aim is to offer high qulity sport programs for all generations, who want to spend their free time usefully. Beside of our constantly renewing programs, we cultivate our local sport tradicions and provide opportunity and place to try many sport activities.

Sport institutions in the 13th district, where local residents and visitors can use the courts and equipments for free or with discounts:

Angyalföldi Sport Center (Angyalföldi Sportközpont)
1139 Budapest, Rozsnyay utca 4.

  • Discount for district residents only:
    • With District Partner Card: free Ping-Pong
    • With District Partner Card: free gymnastics for pensioners

More information: https://www.kozszolgaltato.bp13.hu/sport/letesitmenyek/angyalfoldi-sportkozpont-sportcsarnoka/

The following major free social sport events are organised every year in our district.


  • Family Sport and Lifestyle Day (Családi Sport és Életmódnap):
    • In 2019 we'll think again our traditional events and create the first Family Sport and Lifestyle Day. Encourage to a healthy lifestyle, health sreenings and consultancy gets main role beside sport programs.
    • More information: https://sport13.hu


  • Athletic Afternoon Program (Sportdélután a Rákos patak partján):
    • Our athletic afternoon programs are created to meet the needs of all ages, paying special attention to the innovations of the programs and the opportunities provided by the site. In this way, using the treadmill, visitors will be invited a fotocell speedometer running.
    • In the gym field, professional bodybuilders and trainers will present a brief introduction on what specific tasks can be performed on each device, and the brave ones can work with them.
    • Larger children and their parents can try themselves on a lighter device with 4-8 elements, or on a world jumping trampoline and on a VIADAL target wall.
    • The new bike lane can also be tested with traditional and tricky bikes as well. We provide a Nordic walking walk for elderly people in the area with the help of an expert.
    • More information: https://sport13.hu

You can follow the district through the following channels and find out more about their sport events and news:

Social Sport Calendar

You can browse Budapest's 13th district's social sport events in this calendar:

"Let sports be a part of your life, be a part of your health"

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