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Explore the free social sport parks and sport courts of the 3rd District. Learn about the district's sport concept, discounts and social sport events under our "We Are a Social Sport City" program.


Social sport spaces in the 3rd District

The 3rd District's public social sport parks, sport courts and its numbers are based on the map's current locations.

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Check out the 3rd District public sport locations (enlarge the circles to see all sport locations):

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District info

City: Budapest (Buda side), County: Pest, Region: Central-Hungary

Crest of the 3rd District

Óbuda (also called 3rd district) is north gate and Budapest's second largest district. There is a variety of leisure activities by nature: the Danube waterfront, the mountains and the many sports and fitness facilities, parks, bicycle and hiking roads, beaches and many special venues for sports enthusiasts.

3rd District's social sport view

social sport information

The aim of Óbuda - Békásmegyer Municipality is to draw attention the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle. Nowadays, health has become a value, movement is prevention and recognising its importance has brought about a significant change in attitude. At our sports events we do not prioritise primary the sports performance, but emphasise the importance of participation. Sport plays an important role in preserving physical and mental health and also sport plays an important role in developing a health-conscious lifestyle and behavior.

Sport institutions in the 13th district, where local residents and visitors can use the courts and equipments for free or with discounts:


3rd District Gymnastics and Fencing Association (III. kerületi Torna és Vívó Egylet (TVE))
1037 Budapest, Kalap utca 1.

The following major free social sport events are organised every year in our district.







You can follow the district through the following channels and find out more about their sport events and news:

Social Sport Calendar

You can browse Budapest's 3rd district's social sport events in this calendar:

"Let sports be a part of your life, be a part of your health"

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