The first Street Workout Park in Páty

The first Street Workout Park in Páty - Free Sport Parks Blog

Last Updated on 2020-11-22 by Fehér Paszkál

In Páty (a settlement in Hungary) the first Street Workout Park was opened in December shared with us the news by one of our followers. The Workout Park is located in a green field between Telki Street and Füzespatak Street along the Füzes creek.



Not so far from the new Street Workout Park you can find in Páty a Fitness Park, too. Check them on the map:

In order to let you help how to use the equipments of Street Workout Parks, we offer you the “Train Smart in Workout Park” video series that show how to make exercises by a sport trainer!

If you have information about a new park opening don’t hesitate to send us via email the news.


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