Get to know shortly how we mark it on the map and what are the public Skateparks and what are the basic unspoken rules.


Skatepark sign - Free Sport Parks Map

Its map label: Skatepark

The outdoor Skateparks are marked on the map with a brown circle icon. Extra features are available (e.g. writing reviews, adding photo and video) on the data sheet at the locations marked with “i-circle”.

Features of court

The main feature of the outdoor Skatepark consists of various slope, ascending and curved elements, which are fit for extreme sports like, roller skating, skateboarding, bmx or scootering.

Skatepark - Budapest (9th district), Boráros square - Free Sport Parks map
Skatepark - Budapest (9th district), Boráros square
  • Names: Skatepark
  • Material of objects: they are made of concrete, wood and steel and steel with special materials.
  • Ground: asphalt / conrete
  • Opening hours: sport parks, sport fields are usually open in 0-24 hours, but there are some fenced sport places with limited opening hours (eg from sunrise to sunset, etc.) that appear at the entrance.

Always take care of the cleanliness of parks, equipments and courts and the hygiene, so next time you will be happy to do sport there! And if you notice any damage or malfunction, please report it to us as soon as possible.


Unspoken basic rules

Out of signs and features get to know the basic unspoken rules also.


  • Fun: 
    • The most important part of being in the skatepark is to have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • Danger:
    • A skatepark can be a dangerous place to be, so always make sure that you are aware of what is going on in your surroundings and watch out for other users.
  • Listen to each other and ourselves:
    • If too many people are trying to ride the same thing there are going to be accidents so
    • be respectful and wait your turn and keep the park safe.
    • be respectful and try not to spend too long on a run as this means people just have to wait for you and it’s unfair.
    • If you want to take a break please don’t just sit around the park as you will be getting in someone’s way and will only frustrate them and likely cause an injury.
  • Respect for beginners:
    • Treat others as you expect to be treated and there will be fewer accidents and a much faster learning curve for beginners.
    • Help beginners out and show them the correct use of the park, don’t just shout at them!
    • Always remember you started somewhere, so encourage and support others to create a positive environment to be in.
  • Safety gear:
    • It’s recommended that all users wear protective gear including helmets (most important), elbow, wrist and knee pads when using the skatepark.

(Image sources: VillagePsychic and ParreySkatepark)

Skateparks skateboard - Free Sport Parks map
fun time


Skatepark safety gear - Free Sport Parks map
safety gear

Sports Communities

Here we collect sports communities they also offer free regular activities, training and/or consultancy at outdoor Skateparks in Hungary. You can also suggest these kind of sports communities that you can send us by clicking the button below.

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