Get to know shortly how we mark it on the map and what is the public Tennis court and what are the basic Tennis rules and regulations.


Tennis sign - Free Sport Parks Map

Its map label: Tennis

The outdoor Tennis courts are marked on the map with a green circle icon. Extra features are available (e.g. writing reviews, adding photo and video) on the data sheet at the locations marked with “i-circle”.

Features of court

The main feature of the outdoor Tennis court is that it has a rectangular shape with 4 rectangles between two double sidelines. Among Tennis courts you can find Tennis walls also for single playing.

Tennis court - Budapest (3rd district), Váradi street - Free Sport Parks map
Tennis court - Budapest (3rd district), Váradi street
Tennis wall - Budapest (12th district), Városmajor (photo:
  • Names: Tennis court / Tennis wall
  • Court types: Tennis courts and Tennis walls
  • Ground: asphalt
  • Opening hours: sport parks, sport fields are usually open in 0-24 hours, but there are some fenced sport places with limited opening hours (eg from sunrise to sunset, etc.) that appear at the entrance.

Always take care of the cleanliness of parks, equipments and courts and the hygiene, so next time you will be happy to do sport there! And if you notice any damage or malfunction, please report it to us as soon as possible.


Tennis court dimensions

Equipment and dimensions

  • Court:
    • Tennis is played on a rectangular, flat surface.
    • The court is 78 feet (23.78 m) long, and 27 feet (8.23 m) wide for singles matches and 36 ft (10,97 m) for doubles matches.
    • Additional clear space around the court is required in order for players to reach overrun balls.


  • Net:
    • A net is stretched across the full width of the court, parallel with the baselines, dividing it into two equal ends.
    • The net is 3 feet 6 inches (1.07 m) high at the posts and 3 feet (0.91 m) high in the center.


  • Rackets:
    • For the first 100 years of the modern game, rackets were made of wood and of standard size, and strings were of animal gut.
    • Laminated wood construction yielded more strength in rackets used through most of the 20th century until first metal and then composites of carbon graphite, ceramics, and lighter metals such as titanium were introduced.


  • Balls:
    • Modern tennis balls are made of hollow vulcanized rubber with a felt coating.
    • The International Tennis Federation (ITF) defines the official diameter as 65.41–68.58 mm (2.575–2.700 in).
    • Balls must weigh between 56.0 and 59.4 g (1.98 and 2.10 oz).


(Image source: MightyGoods)


Tennis court marking and dimensions - Free Sport Parks map
Tennis court marking and dimensions

Tennis basic rules

Out of signs and features get to know the basic rules and regulations also.

The source of these rules and more information is available on Wikipedia tennis page.

Sports Communities

Here we collect sports communities they also offer free regular activities, training and/or consultancy at outdoor, social Tennis courts in Hungary. You can also suggest these kind of sports communities that you can send us by clicking the button below.

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