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Get to know shortly how we mark it on the map and what is the public Fitness Park plus (Fitness Park+) , what equipments can be found there and what kind of exercises can we do with them.


Fitness Park plus sign - Free Sport Parks Map

Its map label: Fitness Park+

The Fitness Parks+ are marked on the map with a lively blue circle icon. Extra features are available (e.g. writing reviews, adding photo and video) on the data sheet at the locations marked with “i-circle”. You can watch the TRAIN SMART videos (see below) on the data sheet at the Fitness Parks and Fitness Parks+ locations also.

Features of Fitness Park plus

The main feature of the Fitness Park+ is that it is typically consists of fitness machines what we can use in a sitting or standing position for dynamic exercises. These fitness machines have no weight adjustment option you have to pull or push one part of your weight. The difference between the basic Fitness Park and Fitness Park plus is, that there is at least one tool for pull-up so you could find here known equipments from the Street Workout Parks like Pull Up Bar, Monkey Bar, etc. For more information about the equipments check the "Train Smart" menu item.

Fitness Park plus - Budapest 13th district, Gidófalvy Lajos street
Fitness Park plus - Budapest (13th district), Gidófalvy Lajos street
  • Names: usually Fitness Park / Adult Playground
  • Ages: 14 years and older (with adult supervision between 10-14 years)
  • Kind of exercises: Typically, cardio exercises with high repetition at low load.
  • Fitness machines: there are more manufacturers on the market. Their design is slightly different, but the different manufacturers can be recognized by their colors, for example the most common ones: orange-white, light-green-gray, red-lemon combinations.
  • Ground: usually rubber / soil / gravel / asphalt / paving
  • Important: be careful when stepping up and down from the machines. Hold the handles until you step down on the ground and stand safely.
  • Opening hours: sport parks, sport fields are usually open in 0-24 hours, but there are some fenced sport places with limited opening hours (eg from sunrise to sunset, etc.) that appear at the entrance.

Always take care of the cleanliness of parks, equipments and courts and the hygiene, so next time you will be happy to do sport there! And if you notice any damage or malfunction, please report it to us as soon as possible.


Train Smart in Fitness Park+

The Free Sport Parks, Zsolt Pálvölgyi and Roland Ruska try to help with the “Train Smart with Zsolt Pálvölgyi and Roland Ruska in Fitness Park” video series in order to popularize Fitness Parks and Fitness Parks+. We freezed some frames of the trainings and marked with short subtitles the videos in order to pay attention to the steps what you can also read in the video description.

Train Smart in Fitness Parks videos with subtitle

Sports Communities

Here we collect sports communities they even also offer free regular activities, training and/or consultancy at outdoor Fitness Parks in Hungary. You can also suggest these kind of sports communities that you can send us by clicking the button below.

Fitness Parks+ with videos


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